Bummer Summer

by XO∞

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All songs written and recorded 2013, year of our Lord.

Album reviewed by the Chicago Reader here:


released April 20, 2014

Lyrics and music written by J. Thayer, except track #2, music by M. Meegan and tracks #1, #9, and #10, music and his lyrics by C. Francis.

Vocals recorded by Bryson Hansen at his studio in Portland, Ore. at the end of summer, 2013, days before being evicted from the riverside property for the offensive clamor (namely the final take of "Scars). Apologies to parties affected.

Album mixed and mastered by B. Hansen.



all rights reserved


XO∞ Chicago, Illinois

C U when I get there, 2017. So soon. So soon.

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Track Name: You Know Why (with Christopher Francis)

Instant coffee
half a tab of oxy
chew it up now one saw me
now watch me
hop up on this hot beat
strong weed
a bottle of sparkling
and someone i can call darling
sweet thing
we don't have to get naked
we don't have to bang
we could eat food
we could just spoon
i pull your body into a crescent moon
yeah you
your shoulder blades
like pressing my palms to the asphalt in June

(Christpher Francis)

Someone might say
they know what it is
But I can't
I can't
Someone would say
they know what it is
But I can't
I can't

I'm not a mathematician but
I can balance out an equation
sick of the gray then take a vacation
I recommend southeast Asia
where women’ll take you home
let you lay with em
trace your face and speak
in tongues so long as you paying em
Reyna, Thanks.
For letting me stay
for fucking stroking my face
until the wine-dark night
caved back in to day

I wake up you give me water to sip
you take your fingers you part my lips
you tell me you only kiss strangers you trust
put your hand on my knees
you tell me I look hungry
eat if I must

It was what I needed
to feel okay

I’m not a mathmatician
but I can balance out an equation
Faded? Nah, I'm fucking gone.
so give me a pair of cons to dance on
someone to watch me pull my pants on
and tell me, "Nah, leave 'em off"

I'm 27 I'm hardly crestin
each verse I scream
my voice grows less pleasant
I'm trying to impress em
girls born after 1987,
i feel no emotional connection
i’m not a mathematician
but I can balance out an equation

I'm 27,
I'm hardly crestin
heart hardening,
arteries rusting
All this talk about dying
I’m so fucking frightened

Days after my dad died
they kept finding
NyQuil bottles bedside
then in the glove box of his ride
my Mother was asking why?

and now look at me
I’m crunching
numbers on walls in abandoned bathroom stalls
cause my father and I share the same decrepit heart
Let's see, 2012, no 2013, I need to make it to thirty
I’m not a mathematician
but I have crack this equation
So I’m crunching numbers
on the walls of abandoned bathroom stalls
I’m writing my phone number on the walls of abandoned bathroom stalls
searching for the other half of my heart
before the engine
it clicks clicks clicks
but won’t start
Track Name: Start the Violins (with Rxm Reality)
Start the violins
cuz me I
I bring the violence

This whole year’s been a mess
stayed fucked since the day you left
clutching my chest
aiming at death
by holding my breath

I admit it
I’m still obsessed
ample hips
and your
small breasts
hinting at quiet curves under that striped sun dress.

The doctor says
i get off and sadness
and with genetics and stress
it’ll be my chest that begets death

yes, I confess, staying depressed
it gets me off
but then i put on some Gaga and I dance it off

all I need
strong weed
and your hands back on my knees

Nah, you’ll meet another
she’ll be a stunner
look good high waisted shorts in summer
you'll tongue her, thighs plyable as rubber
tell her you love her, that make an excellent mother
once she breaks up with her boyfriend this coming october
so what’s your name
what’s your number, huh
waking from dreams
tracts of skin i’ve seen
adorned with my semen
I know this seems
obscene but believe
I’m trying to drink
or dance
or maybe just sing
away your memory

Start the violins
cuz me I bring the violence
Track Name: Blue Xmas

(Fuck a Hook)
This Christmas
my wish list
impinge this
your scent and
my skin and
intending to end it this Christmas, miss

All I need
Strong dry weed
your hands
back on my knees

You were the light in my life
now you’re the darkness that keeps me inside


This Christmas
my wish list
impinge this
your scent and
my skin and
to pick a pistol
or mix prescription
and end it
this Christmas, miss

Blue blue blue blue blue Christmas
Baby, I know
Blue blue Christmas, I know

You give me strong dry weed
you get your hands back on my knees
Baby that's all I need
gimme strong dry weed
Track Name: Scars
fuck it
summers coming
push ups
even though my arms still fucked up
tricep tendon cut
razor blade like the surgeon was cutting up junk

fuck tats i got a scar
the kind of guy with a tendency to crash cars
spit barbs big enough to sink barges
still dreaming about the ex, huh
when im sleeping tangled with the next one
wake up wash my dick off and get nauseus
like knocking back cocktails
of cough syrup and lobster tail
sicker than rick ross in a crop top
and women’s underwear

fuck tat’s i got them scars
treat my knees like shredded beef
holding my dick and weeping
tell the women i’ve been sleeping with
i used to be a star of track and field and shit
hurdled one two many barbed wire fences
stead of mention the sadness i was entrenched in

when i stroked your face you thought i meant it
but i was just looking for some one to hold and sin with
call it catholic guilt, on my knees with my dick in
the first time i broke my fist when
that bitch was cheating
now i’ve become the cunt, feeling up one two many women and grunting
clutching my cock like a pistol and hunting

these days i’m fine
fixed up fernet
and friendship from women i met on the internet
you and me, we could be intimate
just send me a text of something inappropriate
take love and reappropriate it
take love and reappropriate it
take love and reappropriate it
I got a girl, I call her polly
amourous, she’s all over me
she’s and ocean, tide rising, skin salty
that pussy’s open, she’s writhing, all up on my D.
riding equine in the moonlight
sipping white wine
cooler than coolers of dry ice
I beat it up
like a drum
Janet Wiess
gripping my hips
with those ample thighs
then i’m running
a pair of tights

then i’m running
5 miles, getting shit tight
i used to date 8s and 9s
now i’m sticking with 6s and 5s.
(nah man. that’s nostalgia talking. Everthing looks better in black an white. Everything stays amazing, craning your brain to gaze at the long legged, hefty hipped and small breasted beauties slipping from sight.) Jesus Christ
I used to date 8s and 9s
now i’m sticking with 6s and 5s

i used to date 8s and 9s
now it’s on to the next one,
on to the next one
late nights until i feel fine.

My baby’s name is january,
I’m jonesing to bone, anywhere descreetly
she tries to touch my hand in public, i’m like, no, no, sweetie
instead i let her take me hard like a hard up junkie in a dark alley

my baby’s name is April
she asks me to strangle
her when our limbs are entangled
I’m chalking it up sexual abuse
something shameful
she’s a handful
still i manage to handle
her hands. I tie em up
I’m not really into this shit but she is so what the fuck?

My baby’s name is May
between her thighs my face stays
her legs studded with razor burn
she tells me her last boyfriend had AIDS
I’m like sorry for loss babe
you’re clean? Cool, then it’s okay.
Track Name: Gentleman of the Month

I need an older man in my life
giving me good advice
he’s like: cut down on the late nights
and don’t’ get hung up like Christ
on some kind smile, and nice tights on thick thighs

What the fuck?
cancel my membership to gentleman of the month club
now im a dumb cunt
calling women dumb stuff
i kick myself in the nuts

I kick myself in the nuts
this coffee and club and cutting it, uh
15 months oughta be enough
still drinking cyanide up
calling out for another before i finish my cup
sad as fuck and i just want to feel your thighs up
lonely as fuck and i just want to fill your thighs up
with my cum
pull your tights up
and wait nine months
well fuck a hook, fuck you and those other crooks
These days I cop a brain, never fazed, never shook
you left and i adjusted the that i took
sip straight out the handle
black out, wake up eat some tramydol
pass out, throw up, eat some tramydol
on the couch, broke up, eating tramydol
dead drunk, ship sinking eating tramydol just to handle it all

Don’t you remember you told me you love me baby?
Xo infinity, live with me, speak about having kids with me
or we could just fuck and watch T.V. approach this casually
but actually I’m attatched to the seems
of your jeans, I fold your clothes neatly
and kneeling burnt offering of your socks

sick as fuck, still drinking enough
to eat my insides up
red wine

now i’m calling it art,
staying starved,
singing for some other half of my heart

Oooh I need you more and more
put you in my body drawer

take 3 showers a day (just to clean off my dick
trying to figure out which one’s my main
and which ones my side chick)
pick the one with the child bearing hips
nah, you already know that’s a wash, my fucking prerequisite

one of these women is straight, shit
she hates it when I’m wasted
she can taste it when i’m high
so i abide, i hide
sipping fifths of mouth wash in the pantry
while she makes me eggs in her panties
nah, I didn’t even try for that double entendre,
im not trying for a baby, baby

fucking you would be incredible
unprotected would be better girl

now i’m listening to townes van zandt
now i’m lifting my collapsed pants
from a carpet of condom wrappers
whiskey glasses, last
night’s trash

i’m trashed
off my ass and ambling around
put me in your body ground
Track Name: Wisconsin Accent
An attraction
to an ample ass
and a wisconsin accent
not an accident
she chokes me up
i call her asthma
she chokes me up
undoing my buttons
call me michael hutchins
clutching myself
and a rusty belt
tied up in some hotel room
in the rust belt

hands in my pants
entranced with the past
a long gone long neck
small breasts
and an ample ass

now i’m off my ass
ambling around
picking up ambien off the ground
lifting a fifth to wash it down

hands in my pants
entranced with the past
aiming for the
black black black
nah, fuck that

I’ve got a new god
use my fingers and she responds
call her midwestern Lara Croft
jerking off
in the same tomb
ex girlfriends haunt

small breasts
no smoke on her breath
despite the effect
winter on oxygen

I kick myself
I should have kissed her mouth
the two of us, the last ones out
of the Big Forever house
tackled her bones into the down snow
hah, no.

I was hard up for another whiskey
plus I worked early the next morning

an attraction
to an ample ass and a wisconsin accent

don’t call it happenstance
hands in my pants
if I come inside
it’s cause i saw my chance
I’ve got a new god
legs like a python
crush my ribs with her thighs, uh
used to be such a nice guy
but that nice guy’s gone
got my disguise on
why’ve you still got your tights on
pull em off she’s like right on
writhe like a wave you can ride on
she get’s me religious, I’m like my god

Her tongue is taffy
my tongue is tar
her thighs are electric
i stay charged

on stage i ramain in charge
like the battery of some neglected remote control car
never dead like an iphone
abandoned at a bar
after the show
i asked her what she thought of my performance
she said i looked like i was really into it
i’m like tell those thighs your welcome
I was ever up in em.

I need a girl that thinks i’m the most talented thing she’s ever seen
but i haven’t been fucking talented since 23
yeah that boy was promising
full of heat and electricity

Fuck it I’m rusty. These days i’ll take anyone whose down to fuck me
come talk to me once i’m done if you’re drunk and feeling unlucky.
Track Name: Peppermint Tea & Ice Cream

With the cyclist thighs
plus a pair of oceanic eyes
yellow tights
fuck, I wish you were here tonight
bedside, sippin red wine
no, drinking too much
that's that shit you don't like
so I'm sticking with peppermint tea and ice cream
abstemious gentleman, that's me
never sneaking Jim Beam
stashed in a flask beneath the bathroom sink
brushing my teeth
suppressing urges to call you darling
and lick your teeth until they're shiny
I'm sorry
I meant to say lick your teeth until they're shiny
and kiss that lonely dimple on your cheek

I spent the spring
harnessing my inner sleaze
sweating beneath foreign sheets
on my knees indiscriminately
call it reactionary
practicing glances
kind eyes and a suggestive smile
to girls with style
lets see: a pair of skinnys and some boots,
humor uncouth, plus a knack for singing the black and blues
maybe tattoos
Now I'm whispering sweet thing to some beauty with bangs
the type to make me forget about old hang ups
emotional bang ups
and drinking when i wake up
Summers coming
cut offs: cut rough, cuffed once
cut em long enough to keep the scars from much sun.
Track Name: Bummer Summer (with Christopher Francis)

this situation
im faced with
is heinous
drunk enough to rap the lamest
taste the tasteless
holy water satiate us
then ditch this habit of sadness
like a nun on hiatus

bummer summer

Three weeks deep
still steeped in grief
and whatever’s cheap to drink
what the fuck am i thinking?
Im not. And that’s the fucking point

(Christopher Francis)

I have half a mind to tell you


Half a mind to tell you
to expel hell on you
with humor uncouth
plus a knack for singing the black and blues

Bummer Summer

don’t be a nuisence
perusing nooses
don’t be be blue kid
don’t be clueless
find a mic cable
one or two better uses

Bummer summer

What chu got CF?

(Christopher Francis)

I have half a mind to tell you


Two weeks past
helping fred smash
bricks at the sight of the crash
then picking up every scrap
finally gathering bits of glass
from when the windshield collapsed

screaming at Jesus
like I was fucking Yeezus
lifting my finger and fist
like I’m a let you finish
i’m a let you finish this

(Christopher Francis)

I have half a mind to tell you


Jesus is like sorry for your loss, kid
and the busted up ribs that followed it
but quit your bleeping
least the bike crash got you to stop drinking and thinking of Stephen
waking up from sleep weeping every fucking weekend

Bummer summer

(Christopher Francis)

I have half a mind to tell you


I’m like
yeah, you’re right
thanks bro

plus doc he wrote me code for the codeine
oxy not then i don’t scrape off the coating

this codeine’s got me drowsy
my ribs feel very lousy
too much pain to bang
but babe you can down on me

(Christopher Francis)

I have half a mind to tell you


night of the service
I hit up an ex for some service
but girl’s thighs were impervious
still she let me rest, the night in her bed
my head on that pin up model chest
one or two weeks before she caught a case of MS.

Bummer Summer

Have half a mind to tell you
half a mind to expel hell on you
kill the I’m feeling swell in you

the adjectives kid
of this abject sitch
swell in you
like sadness
when i saw that coke can crushed car on the news

You know you know me
dark verse
dark beat
Track Name: Young and Handsome (with Christopher Francis)

(Christopher Francis)

In the crossfire of sunrise
take a deep breath and count to five


look who’s in trouble now
double down on this troubled town
suck another down and
revel in this rubble now

out with it out with it
but i don’t want to think
i don’t want to think about it
grey clouds and shit
get me out of this
this shit abyss
I miss ya kid

overcast is overdone
love ‘em up
and lose em young
oooh there goes another one

oop there goes another one
three weeks deep
and still no sleep
clutching the sink
and mixing another drink
oh dog gone it
my stomach knotted
Cook’s and oxycontin
I drink until my guts and gums are rotted
til i'm thinking Oh sweet nuthin'

(Christopher Francis)

In the crossfire of sunrise
take a deep breath and count to five


sick as fuck
sick of staying stuck on self destruct
I'm thinking about switching it up
no more unprotected sex
less drinking up the ex ex ex
salvage the last little bit of my chest
and I'm tounge kissing the best dressed
with death on my breath

overcast is overdone
bancrupcy is overdrawn
oop there goes another one

Six three and lean, sticking beneath pounds one seventy
I'm going hard
and getting back on D
like these women
I have been text-eeeng

uughhh kill this noise
keep hearing your voice
it’s getting annoying
stifling sordid yearning

(Christopher Francis)

In the crossfire of sunrise
take a deep breath and count to five


I’ve got a picture of you
snap shot of youth
cracking a 22
in the dunes,
middle of June
what, like 2002?
loss is my favorite excuse for the booze
so Stephen I’m toasting you
choking down tears as I pack up your room
and smell the clothes and deo you once used.

we used to sing such pretty songs
but i gee i guess those days have come and gone
overcast is overdone
and bankruptcy is overdrawn

i don’t want to think about it
ash to rock and rock to mountain
I just want to touch your face
and tear you blouse and...fuck

I keep my shirt on during sex
cuz i've got the guts of an alcoholic
now I'm giving em all of it
and you, your always going to be
28 young and handsome
young and trying to get some

always going to be 28 young and handsome
28 young and trying to get some

choking back tears
as i check our twin frame in the mirror