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Written by J. Thayer


fuck it
summers coming
push ups
even though my arms still fucked up
tricep tendon cut
razor blade like the surgeon was cutting up junk

fuck tats i got a scar
the kind of guy with a tendency to crash cars
spit barbs big enough to sink barges
still dreaming about the ex, huh
when im sleeping tangled with the next one
wake up wash my dick off and get nauseus
like knocking back cocktails
of cough syrup and lobster tail
sicker than rick ross in a crop top
and women’s underwear

fuck tat’s i got them scars
treat my knees like shredded beef
holding my dick and weeping
tell the women i’ve been sleeping with
i used to be a star of track and field and shit
hurdled one two many barbed wire fences
stead of mention the sadness i was entrenched in

when i stroked your face you thought i meant it
but i was just looking for some one to hold and sin with
call it catholic guilt, on my knees with my dick in
the first time i broke my fist when
that bitch was cheating
now i’ve become the cunt, feeling up one two many women and grunting
clutching my cock like a pistol and hunting

these days i’m fine
fixed up fernet
and friendship from women i met on the internet
you and me, we could be intimate
just send me a text of something inappropriate
take love and reappropriate it
take love and reappropriate it
take love and reappropriate it
I got a girl, I call her polly
amourous, she’s all over me
she’s and ocean, tide rising, skin salty
that pussy’s open, she’s writhing, all up on my D.
riding equine in the moonlight
sipping white wine
cooler than coolers of dry ice
I beat it up
like a drum
Janet Wiess
gripping my hips
with those ample thighs
then i’m running
a pair of tights

then i’m running
5 miles, getting shit tight
i used to date 8s and 9s
now i’m sticking with 6s and 5s.
(nah man. that’s nostalgia talking. Everthing looks better in black an white. Everything stays amazing, craning your brain to gaze at the long legged, hefty hipped and small breasted beauties slipping from sight.) Jesus Christ
I used to date 8s and 9s
now i’m sticking with 6s and 5s

i used to date 8s and 9s
now it’s on to the next one,
on to the next one
late nights until i feel fine.

My baby’s name is january,
I’m jonesing to bone, anywhere descreetly
she tries to touch my hand in public, i’m like, no, no, sweetie
instead i let her take me hard like a hard up junkie in a dark alley

my baby’s name is April
she asks me to strangle
her when our limbs are entangled
I’m chalking it up sexual abuse
something shameful
she’s a handful
still i manage to handle
her hands. I tie em up
I’m not really into this shit but she is so what the fuck?

My baby’s name is May
between her thighs my face stays
her legs studded with razor burn
she tells me her last boyfriend had AIDS
I’m like sorry for loss babe
you’re clean? Cool, then it’s okay.


from Bummer Summer, released April 20, 2014
Raps, Samples, etc: Jason Thayer



all rights reserved


XO∞ Chicago, Illinois

C U when I get there, 2017. So soon. So soon.

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