You Know Why (with Christopher Francis)

from by XO∞

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Written by C. Francis and J. Thayer



Instant coffee
half a tab of oxy
chew it up now one saw me
now watch me
hop up on this hot beat
strong weed
a bottle of sparkling
and someone i can call darling
sweet thing
we don't have to get naked
we don't have to bang
we could eat food
we could just spoon
i pull your body into a crescent moon
yeah you
your shoulder blades
like pressing my palms to the asphalt in June

(Christpher Francis)

Someone might say
they know what it is
But I can't
I can't
Someone would say
they know what it is
But I can't
I can't

I'm not a mathematician but
I can balance out an equation
sick of the gray then take a vacation
I recommend southeast Asia
where women’ll take you home
let you lay with em
trace your face and speak
in tongues so long as you paying em
Reyna, Thanks.
For letting me stay
for fucking stroking my face
until the wine-dark night
caved back in to day

I wake up you give me water to sip
you take your fingers you part my lips
you tell me you only kiss strangers you trust
put your hand on my knees
you tell me I look hungry
eat if I must

It was what I needed
to feel okay

I’m not a mathmatician
but I can balance out an equation
Faded? Nah, I'm fucking gone.
so give me a pair of cons to dance on
someone to watch me pull my pants on
and tell me, "Nah, leave 'em off"

I'm 27 I'm hardly crestin
each verse I scream
my voice grows less pleasant
I'm trying to impress em
girls born after 1987,
i feel no emotional connection
i’m not a mathematician
but I can balance out an equation

I'm 27,
I'm hardly crestin
heart hardening,
arteries rusting
All this talk about dying
I’m so fucking frightened

Days after my dad died
they kept finding
NyQuil bottles bedside
then in the glove box of his ride
my Mother was asking why?

and now look at me
I’m crunching
numbers on walls in abandoned bathroom stalls
cause my father and I share the same decrepit heart
Let's see, 2012, no 2013, I need to make it to thirty
I’m not a mathematician
but I have crack this equation
So I’m crunching numbers
on the walls of abandoned bathroom stalls
I’m writing my phone number on the walls of abandoned bathroom stalls
searching for the other half of my heart
before the engine
it clicks clicks clicks
but won’t start


from Bummer Summer, released April 20, 2014
Instrumentation and Vocals: Christopher Francis
Raps: Jason Thayer



all rights reserved


XO∞ Chicago, Illinois

C U when I get there, 2017. So soon. So soon.

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